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Welcome To Your Internet Gabfast About All Things Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

May 15, 2019

Yup. You read that right.

Rachel Bloom.

Now that the show has wrapped up, Rachel offered to answer our most burning questions in a bathtub Q&A.

No better way to wrap up our podcast than this.

Thank you, Rachel, for being fabulous in all the best ways.

Thank you to all of the talented creators and contributors to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for giving us such an entertaining, heartfelt, generous, bizarre and real piece of art.

Thank you to all of our special correspondents -- Shea, Karly, Justin, Cory, and Katie -- who came by to sit around my dining room table and chat about this show, likely for longer than you expected.

Thank you,Tonya, for your thoughtfulness, zingers, inception horns, Costco dinners, and therapy sessions. (I really owe you a few co-pays.)

Thank you, Amber, for your insight, hours of drive time, handwritten show notes, self care and Loretta.

And, finally, thank you to the tens. (Okay, there are a lot more than tens.) I still can't believe that you all listened to us talk for this long and sing this badly and digress this far for this many episodes. Thank you for your thoughts, your questions, your encouragement, your feedback, your insight, and your joy and passion for the television show. We started the show because we wanted to keep fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend company. We so enjoyed chatting with you during your commutes, your walks, and your laundry sessions. Spending time with each other and with you was the best self-care experience.

We love you, fam! See you soon.

Final recording cohost.