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Welcome To Your Internet Gabfast About All Things Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Mar 22, 2017

Host Suzanne welcomes new Southern California correspondent Shea to bro out about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episode 104: I'm Going On A Date With Josh's Friend!

We get some much-needed bro-adjacent insight from Shea and ponder the important questions:

Who has better facial hair: Justin or Xandar? Who in their right mind would ever breathe, let alone sing, in a port-o-potty? Why is Rebecca self-sabotaging and so afraid of adulting? Is Paula being insightfully thoughtful or a Debbie Downer when she discourages Rebecca? Are cauliflower tacos a crime against humanity?

Plus, we award our Giant Pretzels of the week and give our self-care recommendations for staying healthy and decidedly un-Bunch-like.

Sex with a Stranger (Rachel Bloom, Steven M. Gold and Adam Schlesinger, performed by Rachel Bloom)
Settle For Me (written by Rachel Bloom, Steven M. Gold and Adam Schlesinger, performed by Santino Fontana)