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Welcome To Your Internet Gabfast About All Things Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Dec 12, 2018

Greg is back, and so is Amber! The trio is back! Suzanne, Amber and Tonya reunite to eat carbs and chat about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's episode 408, "I'm Not The Person I Used To Be".

How will the pivot to New Greg go? Has Paula replaced Rebecca with Kamela Hare-is? Is Heather now sailing her own ship for Valencia and V's...

Dec 5, 2018

Suzanne and Tonya travel (narratively) to New York and try to adult their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's episode 407, "I Will Help You".

Does Josh really not know how to put on a fitted sheet? How many times did Nathaniel demand his pumpkin patch picture be retaken by his mother? Will Rebecca find a balance between...