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Welcome To Your Internet Gabfast About All Things Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Oct 31, 2018

Suzanne, Amber and Tonya sniffle and ugly cry their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode 403, "I'm On My Own Path."

No need for a description this week. This is all the summary you need:

Image result for i will go down with this ship gif

We answer your questions, award our Giant Pretzels of the week and give our self-care recommendations for...

Oct 24, 2018

Wait, so this episode is about a ... poo murder house?


Suzanne, Amber and Tonya eek and ack and cringe their way through Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episode 402, "I Am Ashamed."

Will Rebecca ever stop flushing tampons? Will White Josh ever admit that Koala Hebecca is cute? Will Nathaniel ever come to...

Oct 17, 2018

After months of waiting, we couldn't help but wonder:

Will Rebecca remain locked up forever, or will true love spring her from the prison ... of her heart?

Suzanne, Amber and Tonya got together, ate some quiche -- thanks, Quimblepop -- and joined hands to discuss the season four premiere.

Will hard time finally make...